The Nokia N81, a extremely powerful multimedia tool is the Nokia N95’s little brother. The Nokia N81 can come completed in either Graphite Grey or Cobalt Blue. Due to the committed keys for game enthusiasts and play/pause, ahead, rewind and prevent for the tune fanatics the Nokia N81 does have a number of keys. The buttons and menus do offer fantastic control at the phones functionality however may be slightly overwhelming.

The N81 possesses a really excessive great display screen. It has sixteen.7 million colorings although it is barely small than the Nokia N95 screen. Nokia have permit this telephone down slightly however only giving it a 2 megapixel camera without an autofocus. If you do require a better camera it might be quality you check the Nokia N95 which has a 5 megapixel camera. If you are a music lover then you will love the 8GB of internal memory the N81 has too provide. This is enough memory to store as much as 2000 tunes. The music capability of this cellphone truely is top high-quality and is a good challenger for the iPhone.

A big awareness of the N81 capability is angled closer to gaming. To make full use of the massive 16.7 million shades display เกมคาสิโน games can be performed in either portrait or panorama mode. Nokia’s NGage series of games are supported through the Nokia N81. If gaming is your factor, then you definitely clearly should take into account getting an N81.

If you have ever had a cellphone then you will be conscious that they may be susceptible to slowing up or maybe freezing if you are a heavy person. The large 8 gigabytes of inner reminiscence certaining assist to lessen this. Be prepared to make investments a while studying all the features the Nokia N81 has to provide. The N81 is a brilliant opportunity to the N95.

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