AEGEA officially commenced on February 2, 2018. Founded via Jeff Cohen and John Prosser II. The products are available in over 100 nations worldwide CBD flower.

Introducing the NXT GEN WEARABLE
Health & Wellness Platform…

* EMF Shield – Protect the frame from the bad outcomes of EMFs

* Nitro Qubit – Increase mental cognizance and athletic overall performance

* Quantum Card – Infinate energy and protection

* Energentics Relief – The energy of CBD strength frequency & vibration

* Freshness Card – Keeps Everything From Foods To Flowers Fresher, Longer!

* Energentics Burn – Weight loss

Aegea targeted on “Quantum Resonance Energy” (QRT) that have been shown to be powerful in as little as 2 mins of application.
QUANTUM RESONANCE TECHNOLOGY, a completely unique, completely non-intrusive,
safe manner to adjust and balance your body’s electricity flow

Registration is one hundred% loose or even free participants can earn Retail and Fast Start Bonuses! Aegea gives FREE international transport on all merchandise!

No mandatory autoship!
No distributor kit fees!
No institution extent necessities!

There are 8 methods to earn earnings.

The binary by myself caps at $25,000 per week!
And associates can percentage in 2% of the organization’s global sales each month simply by means of referring most effective 20 individuals!

Best of all, Aegea can pay commissions weekly thru a employer branded PayQuicker Visa debit card!

Come and spot what the excitement is set!… Austdoc

For greater details, and to learn how to turn a low $ninety nine buy into up to $10,000 in weeks, whiles developing a $4,1/2 per week residual earnings at the equal time,
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Secure Your “FREE” or “PAID” Position Right NOW!
Company Paying “WEEKLY” Commissions!
FREE Worldwide Shipping!
In “12 Weeks”, You Could Earn Over $10,000 Initially + $four,1/2 Every Week From A Low $ninety nine Order Of Either the Start up Kit Or “Family Pack”
Wellness Products That Work In As Little As “2 Minutes” Of Applying!

* Marketing & Support blanketed for you.
* Monthly information assembly available.
* Zoom conferences to be had.
* Pays Out Weekly.

Free Registration!
Free Website!
Free Shipping!
Free Team Site!
Free Marketing Materials!

Whether you’re interested by a little extra income or constructing a protracted-term possible commercial enterprise, you’re within the proper location with AEGEA.

BETTER PRODUCTS – AEGEA gives an brilliant array of health & health and wealth merchandise! Unique patented merchandise fit inside an envelope and ship everywhere within the global. We provide a one-of-a-kind, proprietary and patented method of
programming and charging intrinsic energies into our QUANTUM CARDS and QuBITS
for the reason of influencing the energy fields.

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