Diamonds are surely the most hard treasured stone to buy. Their cost and rarity puts them in a category of their very own. For maximum in their records, diamonds were out of the attain of the not unusual man. Before massive mines were observed in South Africa inside the late 19th century, only the über wealthy could afford them. We’re speakme approximately kings and queens.

The discovery of Golcondas in Africa sent the fee of เพชร h&a diamonds spiraling downward, however now not enough. Diamonds had been now not given as presents by middle magnificence Westerners till after the Second World War. Inspired by way of the romance of the Victorian white wedding and the tradition of giving betrothal rings, men of common approach suddenly commenced dishing out huge greenbacks for diamond engagement jewelry.

About 9 billion greenbacks of diamonds are mined every 12 months. Only approximately 1/2 of those stones are judged to be gem exceptional and are sold to customers. The other half of are used in industry. Unlike different valuable stones and most valuable metals, gem-excellent diamonds are often sold at a substantial mark-up via retailer. There are many reasons for this.

First and most importantly, gem-great diamonds are difficult to come back by way of. Unlike most other stones and metals, the criterion for grading them is extraordinarily inflexible, and they have many industrial uses. They are also extremely tough to cut and polish. It takes a master artisan hours to cut a diamond by hand. Some of the extra elaborate designs and cuts can take an entire day! As a result, a cut and polished stone is regularly well worth approximately fifty percentage greater than a raw diamond. All collectively, the diamond industry accounts for over 50 billion bucks of retail jewelry income per annum.

Why Diamonds?
Annual diamond sales dwarf those of the three other precious stones (ruby, emerald, sapphire) combined. But why? Why have diamonds captured the public’s creativeness? Why do 80 percent of American girls get hold of a diamond engagement ring? And do they truely closing for all time?

Let’s take the ultimate question first. Yes, diamonds may additionally virtually ultimate all the time. As one of the toughest herbal substances on this planet, diamonds are almost unbreakable. That is why they have got survived for billions of years. According to carbon relationship, maximum diamonds are between 1 and three.Three billion years vintage. That means some stones are almost as antique as the earth!

Giving diamonds as engagement earrings is a fantastically new custom. It does no longer have an awful lot, if any, historical significance. Clever ad campaigns and lower expenses were in most cases liable for the boom of the diamond enterprise in the twentieth century. Symbolically, the diamond has come to represent eternal love, splendor and clarity.

How to Choose a Diamond

As we mentioned, eight of ten married girls receive a diamond engagement ring, because of this that eight of ten married men needed to move diamond purchasing. The 3-month salary rule says that guys must spend a quarter of their annual income on a new diamond engagement ring. As you might imagine, this “rule” turned into created through diamond distributers. On common, a person have to expect to spend between three and five thousand bucks on a one carat diamond engagement ring.

Every guy who stores for a hoop need to know the 4 Cs. This simple mnemonic device reminds us that clarity, cut, carat and coloration are the maximum essential elements to consider while purchasing for a diamond ring. Let us take a moment to check them individually.


Like all valuable stones, maximum diamonds have minor imperfections. But for the reason that they may be graded on a much extra rigid scale, these minor flaws can imply hundreds, even thousands of dollars in both route. Small inclusions that save you the passage of light often have a profound effect on the rate of a stone. They are so commonplace that faultless diamonds are often well worth greater than stones that are two times as heavy.


Easily the most perplexing of the four, the reduce of a treasured stone is often flawed for its form. Shapes like round, pear and oval are the maximum commonplace, however every may be cut in exclusive approaches. It is as much as the lapidary to pick out a cut that will growth the brilliance of the stone and make it extra luminous than it become earlier than he commenced. Brilliant, marquise, princess and emerald are presently the maximum famous diamond cuts.


Finally, an easy one! Diamonds are measured with the aid of the carat, a easy unit of weight. More regularly than not, the bigger a diamond is, the greater luxurious it is going to be.


Different hues and sunglasses have fallen inside and outside of favor, however colorless stones have usually been the most applicable. The purpose for this is straightforward: the more coloration, the less the diamond will sparkle. A colorless stone with few inclusions will replicate all the colour of the seen spectrum.

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