Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

I’ve been playing roulette in casinos for years now – I’m not sure why I enjoy it so much but probably because it’s not as intense as some of the other casino games and it seems to encapsulate the fun and glamour of the places. Recently my friend was actually surprised that I play roulette on the internet as he asked me is online roulette random?

Well for a start, it can never be truly, completely random online – that is because the casino wheel and the game is controlled by a computer program and all the events and spins are generated by a deterministic device called a computer. Computers have always had a big problem with generating random – the problem is that you have to tell a computer exactly how to generate a random anything. The simple fact that you have to instruct the computer how to generate the random event means that it can never be completely random. A spin on a roulette wheel is subject to a myriad different events which can affect the result –


  • The speed at which a croupier spins the roulette wheel
  • The speed at which a croupier spins the ball
  • Both the above partly determine the distance the ball spins
  • the starting point of the wheel
  • The angle the croupier spins the ball into play


These are just a very small proportion of the factors that can affect the final landing position of the ball – there are many thousands of others. If you asked a croupier to spin a certain number on purpose he couldn’t without some outside intervention – there are simply too many variables. To achieve this level of random number generation on a computer for online game is extremely difficult – there are of course ways of linking a computer program with some sort of external advice like a microphone, light meters or anything  เว็บแทงบอล connected to the physical world which can break the computer out of its deterministic path but the underlying code and algorithms have to be sound in how they interpret this information.

Anyway returning to our question on whether online roulette is actually random – I think my friend was really asking whether he could be sure to get a fair game. The simple fact is that an honest casino will always win money – they have the odds in their favour and don’t need to cheat – in fact practically the only way a casino won’t win is if it gets a reputation for dishonesty. If the wheel and result is not influenced in any way by the casino – then the pseudo random generation of the spins should ensure a fair game. All the major casinos are regulated and checked so best advice is to pick a decent sized company and you’ll be fine. But if you are still asking yourself is online roulette random then you can always play a live casino, there are one or two decent ones but easily my favourite is below.

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